The Bumble & Bumble Hair Duo You All Need

So rather than a full review of the new products, these are my first impressions as I have only used them a few times. But let's get it started by saying, I am hooked on them and am a total convert. My go to shampoo and conditioner duo is the Coco range from Bumble & Bumble so I already loved the brand a lot, just take a look old posts about them. 

If you like the hairdressers oil, you're going to love these. I find that the shampoo, conditioner and primer all work best together, as much as I tried to use another shampoo. The shampoo* is sulphate free, but it still lathers up loads, more than I expected. It's very cleansing for the hair but also left my hair feeling like it had product build up, when it didn't. The conditioner* is hydrating, smoothing and everything I look for in a conditioner. It's a conditioner, so I'm not expecting drastic results but these is the main one out of the two. For someone with dry, dyed and fairly heat damaged hair, these are giving it back life.

To follow, there is a primer* which is a leave in conditioner, heat protector and style extender all in one. I have been applying this in my hair when it is towel dried and before I go to blow dry my hair. 

To me it's a strange one because after using it, I don't like how my hair feels when it's wet but when it's dry, wow. How my hair feels is my main concern, I need it to be soft and once my hair has been straightened or even left curly, this ticks all the boxes for me. If you try it and feel the same way when it's dry, don't let that put you off as when it's dries, it's a whole other story. I haven't used it for a week now as I didn't bring it with me on holiday, but oh boy I feel the difference in my hair since not using it.

I'm a convert, will you be too? 

Luce x