A Solid Perfume

I'm not a perfume person, most days I forget to put it on and it's only if I have extra time in the morning when I remember to pick up one of the bottles. I have a few perfumes which range from a Valentino pick to a very luxurious Tom Ford bottle. So when then Le Soft Perfume in Artist* arrived, I wasn't sure whether it would be use to me. Oh how I was wrong.

So let's start with that it's a solid perfume in cardboard packaging, not the most attractive but very practical on my side. I can throw it into my bag whenever I'm in a rush and not worry about it smashing. I just rub it onto my wrists, onto my neck and across my collarbones and I'm left with a slight scent. It's quite a masculine scent with grapefruit as the top note, cedar and patchouli as a mid note and a musky base. It contains natural waxes and shea butter so it's nourishing on the skin and doesn't drag when applying it. It may be described as the perfect scent for a man on Cult Beauty but in my eyes, it's the perfect scent for me. 

Have you tried a solid perfume before?

Luce x