Unspoken Hairy Bits

Not everyone is brave enough to talk about our hairy bits, but hey we have them all and we also all have ingrown hairs from time to time. I always found I got them around my bikini line and under my arms sometimes. Now I have a solution...

That solution comes in form of the Malin & Goetz Ingrown Hair Solution*, a cream which you apply after you have shaved/waxed etc and it will prevent any ingrown hairs. I always find I will get the odd ingrown hair around my bikini line or under my arms, so I needed a solution. I have seen other things about but I thought I would give this a good go. So I have and it actually does work, or maybe I have been shaving differently. It contains glycolic and salicylic acid, both things I tend to stay away from for my face, but they help exfoliate the skin and the vitamin B5 helps to promote the skin repair. Either way I've stopped seeing those little razor bumps you can get sometimes. A little goes a long way with this and it has lasted me a considerably long time so far.

Have you tried something like this before?

Luce x