Blogging and Working Full Time

Now I know I'm not the only one who does this and I don't even post every day, but there are a few things which I do to help me blog alongside working full time. Sometimes I can't be bothered to blog, but other times I want to stay up all night to write blog posts. Working full time and then coming home to blog all night can be tiring, but here are some tips to help you along the way...

  • Write down any idea you think of as soon as possible - that idea may turn into a future post and you don't want to miss any opportunities
  • Keep a diary for personal and blog life - in my diary one side is for personal and the other is blog
  • Take your photos in bulk - it may not be for everyone but I usually half write my posts before I take the photo and when I take the photos, I take them all at once
  • Keep a to-do list - similar to keeping a diary, having a to-do list will ensure you do the things you need to do
  • Reply to emails on the go - I have all of my inboxes on my phone and reply to them as they come and go, whether I'm on the tube or at work or walking to get a coffee
  • Schedule everything - I mean everything, blog posts and tweets included. I use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule social media and then I just schedule my blog posts for the morning
  • Plan in advance - I have slacked a little on this lately but if you plan in advance incase anything comes up, you're sorted

What is one tip you would give to someone who is working and blogging full time?

Luce x