Don't Forget The Body

I see time and time again people caring about their face but not doing anything for their body. It may be because when I was younger, I had extremely dry skin so I was forever at the doctors about it and I was made to moisturise every day after my bath. But I'm still very vigilant when it comes to my body, whether that is exfoliating or moisturising. I will note that this is most likely excessive and it's not for everyone!

So starting with dry body brushing, I do this once a week, usually on a Sunday. As painful as it is at times and I'm left red raw by the end of it, it brushes away any fake tan I may have left on my body and dead skin. I've read that it does help reduce cellulite so I will put myself through that pain if it does help but it gets the blood flowing and I feel good after it. 
As well as dry body brushing, I use a body scrub in the shower once a week. I'm a big fan of body scrubs and go through them very quickly. At the moment I have been using Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub which I decided to try after reading Anna rave about it and also I have just finished Origins Ginger Body Scrub* which smelt delicious. With body wash, I'm not too fussy as long as it does the job. Except lately I have been using Malin & Goetz Bergamot Body Wash* and a Liz Earle offering which smells divine and doesn't dry my skin out
On to the main part of the routine which is moisturising I love body butters, I have about four going on at the same time and I go through them so quickly. My all time favourite will always be Body Shop Body Butters and I usually buy them when they're on offer or down to £5. I would suggest not to use the Olive scent as I was left smelling like a tree for a few hours after. Another choice which I have been reaching for recently has been from Yes To*, the body butter for dry skin which quickly sinks into the skin but leaves the skin hydrated. 

What is your favourite body product?

Luce x