A New Lipstick by Clinique

Have I mentioned these yet? If I haven't, I don't know why because I have been wearing them quite a lot and have told many people to go buy them. Clinique aren't known for their make up and often you would think of the older generation who may wear it. Now they're changing, just look at the chubby sticks and now the Long Last Soft Matte Lipsticks.

They are long wearing matte lipsticks which are super moisturising and come in amazing shades. I always prefer matte lipsticks so of course I was going to love these. They keep the lips moisturised when wearing them (they're almost the semi-matte finish from NARS) and the pigment is very strong, especially in the darker colours. I've been wearing Matte Plum* mostly, a shade which has scared most people away but I was all over it and on the lips, it's a beautiful deep purple shade which reminds me of MAC Rebel. The other two are Matte Beauty* and Matte Petal* which have been satisfying my pinky nude cravings. 

Seriously go out and buy them, I'm currently lusting after Matte Crimson and Matte Mandarin for the red orange days!

Luce x