A Week With No Beauty Products

So you may have seen my post about what products I was taking with me on holiday and you know what, I didn't use even half of them. On a daily basis, all I used for SPF for face & body, after sun and hair products like shampoo and conditioner. I wore no make up, well a little bit of red reducing yellow pressed powder on the evenings I was a little shiny. 

Throughout the day I did carry around a hydrating calming mist for when my skin was a little dehydrated but I was mostly using it to cool down as it was so hot. On the evening I was even using the after sun for my body, on my face. Shocking, I know. But my skin has never been better. Not even a week after being back, my skin is back to the usual dryness and needs a good exfoliate. But at the time, I didn't need anything, the sunshine made a huge difference to my skin as I was lacking vitamin D and I know that it'll be only a few weeks before it goes back to it's usual state.

As for make up, that was okay for me as I'm fine with wearing no make up. Being around people who have been travelling for months and hadn't worn make up in so long, it was quite refreshing. I never used to wear loads of make up when I was younger, it was only when I hit 14/15 when I started to look at it a little further. I was quite happy with a tiny bit mascara and Rimmel pressed powder. I was fairly confident with my skin as I grew up because I never had any problem, it was more so my hair what I cared about. But even then, I wore my hair curly every day and didn't straighten it until I came home. 

It was a nice little reminder to myself that I don't always need to worry about what make up I'm wearing but I also remembered that I do love make up. I hunted down the local Sephora when I spotted someone with a bag. 

Something worth reading is Megan's post all about bare face confidence and I think this posted is rather fitted. Project bare all is a great thing to think about why you wear make up and all the little things about that. 

How do you feel about wearing no make up? Tell me your thoughts.

Luce x