Cleansing Oil Love

I love cleansing oils, make up just dissolves once in contact with one of them and they're the quickest way to remove it all. So since I love them so much, I have used plenty of them over the past year or so when I discovered the miracle of them. But I'm always led back to one, which is the queen in my eyes, which is the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil.

Now sometimes you wouldn't think to look at Bobbi Brown for skincare but it's good and very understated. Some cleansing oils I've used hurt your eyes or don't properly remove mascara or sometimes leave a film over the skin, not this one. I apply it to dry skin, massage it all over my face and eyes before removing with a damp cloth. I only use this on an evening for when I have a full face of make up and it gets rid of everything. I don't know what it is about this product but it's just so good. No bad ingredients, it leaves my skin hydrated, even after a second cleanse. I will also add that I know that most skin types can use it, I have dry skin and use it but also my sister who has combination/a little dehydrated & spot prone skin can use it, so it's worth considering.

I discovered it in my sisters bathroom, used all of hers up when I was living with her and I just had to get my own bottle. It's a bathroom staple for me. I've had this bottle for about 3 months now, I use it most days and this is how much I have used. 

Luce x