A Small Sephora Haul

So I went to Sicily not expecting to do any shopping at all. I went on holiday to relax, not to shop like I do in London. However that all changed as soon as I spotted a woman with a Sephora bag, which I didn't know was in the country. I hunted it down, asked a make up artist in Kiko and fell into the shop. 

Now I didn't go crazy, I only bought things. I could have bought a lot, especially from MUFE, Sephora Own Brand & Marc Jacobs, but I didn't. One thing I had been wanting for months was the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in 2L which is a brown shimmery eyeliner. Lily raves about this and I just love a good brown eyeliner and it's totally worth the hype. It's not too dark but not too  light, smudges well and stays put once dry, as well as not having glitter pieces in it. 
I bought the Sephora Classic Must Have Smudge Brush #70 as I had been wanting a smudge brush for eyeliner along the lash line, plus it was perfect to go with the eyeliner. I own a few Sephora brushes which I've had for years so I knew it was going to be good quality.
Last but not least, I picked up the Make Up Forever HD Microfinished Powder in a little mini size as it's such a hyped up product. So far I have noticed that it's the most finely milled powder I have ever came across and that it makes you look flawless in photos. Now I understand why so many make up artists and YouTubers use it as it's excellent. I have been taking a little bit on the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush and dusting it all over my face to make my make up last for hours. 

Luce x