Reads From Around The Web

As I rarely tweet the posts I've been loving in the past week, I thought I would start sharing a few of them every now and then which I think everyone should read. Whether it's beauty, food or whatever, I read a lot across the web so here are this weeks picks.

An Interview with Jenna Lyons - I nearly screamed when I saw this on Into The Gloss as I have been waiting for this to appear for a long time now. Jenna Lyons is the creative director of J Crew, so you can already imagine how amazing her job is. But this woman is pretty incredible herself and I look up to her quite a lot. 

Amsterdam on Film - Seeing Emma post about her recent trip to Amsterdam has just fuelled my need to go to Amsterdam for a long weekend. It looks like such a beautiful place to spend a weekend. Take a look at her other travel posts as I can assure you it will get you itching to jet off somewhere. 

A Review of The Honourable Woman - I had heard people speak of The Honourable Woman a few times in the past week or so but it wasn't until I read this review of the show on The Guardian that I decided to watch the show. It was the right decision to watch the show as it's such a brilliant TV show which is incredibly current. Maggie Gyllenhaal matches the character perfectly and the show is one of the best things on BBC right now (excluding GBBO).

4 Ingredient Banana Bread - Not so much a read, but I spotted this on Instagram last night and just knew I have to make it with my own spin. I cannot get enough of banana bread at the moment and what better way to make it than a vegan gluten free version! 

What have you read this week?

Luce x