Instagrams Worth Following

Instagram is my favourite social media sharing site. I check it multiple times a day and I just love it. People can post whatever they like (within reason) and someone will like it, whether it's music, a video, food, cute animals or a selfie, theres always someone to double tap the picture. I prefer to follow aesthetically pleasing accounts, but not just the 'white background' sort of accounts if you get me. I follow accounts from food bloggers, fashion editors, beauty directors, friends, fellow bloggers or family members, I follow a lot of people. A few of my favourite Instagrammers at the moment are...

Top With Cinnamon - Top With Cinnamon is an instagram full of delicious food, ran by Izy from London. I spoke about her cookbook which I picked up last week which is wonderful. She's a lovely girl who is clearly very passionate about what she bakes, but I may be bias as I love cinnamon too!

Ella Grace Denton - Yet another Londoner, Ella posts everything from travel to her daily breakfast photos. Somehow, she has inspired me to take notice of what I'm putting into my body and actually eat breakfast everyday. Now if only I knew which filter she uses... 

Mr Paddington Bear - Now if you like aesthetics, this one is for you all. I have followed Cindy's Instagram for a long time now and you can definitely tell she has an eye for photography. Never mind her adorable kitty which appears every now and then, her styling is what gets me. 

ELLE UK - One of the best places to find the newest launches, behind the scenes of shoots and the goings on in the fashion beauty world. Not only do all of their ELLE beauty cupboard photos look incredible, they give us a little look into what is coming out in the coming months.

Karlie Kloss - I can't do an Instagram post without mentioning Karlie Kloss. Not only is she my absolute favourite model, she's gorgeous and I can scan through her Instagram all day. The best place for behind the scenes on some of the hottest shoots of the moment, just look at this one from the September issue of Vogue. 

Silverspies - This was one of the first accounts I followed when I first started to discover beautiful accounts. This girl is such a beautiful talented photographer and writer in Australia, just take a peek at her photos, they won't disappoint. 

Who is your favourite person to follow on Instagram? Mine is @bonjourluce, go take a look at my account!

Luce x