Best of Aesop

Aesop is a brand that you've either never used or have tried a few products, or if like the majority of the beauty blogger community, you've tried their staple mask. There are many products in the brand which are equally as good, if not better, they're just not spoken about. 

Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque - Possibly the most popular product in the brand. You have no idea how many people ask for the masque a day and they're always coming from a recommendation from a beauty blog, which always makes me happy. A gentle deep cleansing masque which won't dry the skin, so it's perfect for sensitive and dry skin. It'll sort your skin out and it's a perfectly weekly mask to use.

Resurrection Hand Wash - My personal favourite and another popular product. Seen in some of the best London's restaurants bathrooms, it's luxurious hand wash which just makes you feel good. Is that possible? Yes because unless you've tried it, you won't know how that feels.

Resurrection Hand Balm - Leading on from the hand wash, the matching hand balm is just as lovely. Hydrated, but not sticky and perfect for the cuticles. Scented with mandarin, rosemary and cedar essential oils, it just smells divine and plenty of people agree. Both of them used together are a match made in heaven.

Parsley Seed Eye Serum - Currently the only eye product I use and only on a morning. The same benefits as the eye cream, but in a serum form which will help waken you up. With the help of vitamin A, C and E, it soothes the eye, brightens the skin and de-puffs the eyes. A staple for many people at their desks all days as you can use it over make up. This keeps me going through the days at work when I'm feeling tired.

Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste - None of the past exfoliators can compare to this one and since discovering it, it's all I have used. I've raved about it before but it's a very fine quartz as the physical exfoliator and lactic acid as the chemical exfoliator. Use it once or twice a week to achieve smooth skin. Some people are against physical exfoliators but I really like them and use them weekly.

Parsley Seed Facial Treatment - Just one of the facial oils Aesop have in their collection. Fabulous Face Oil would be for more combination congested skin, Damascan Rose Facial Treatment for extremely dry or mature skin and then this one, the one in between. I've gone through a bottle and a half of this stuff, it's that good. A lightweight facial oil which I . use in the evening, a few drops massaged into the skin and I'm ready for bed. A perfect oil to use as a hydration booster to your current moisturiser. 

Geranium Leaf Body Scrub - Now if you don't like the scent of geranium leaf, you won't like this but it's one of the best body scrubs I've ever tried. I bought my first one around May last year and I've used it ever since. It's a body scrub which actually scrubs, with the pumice and bamboo stem inside. I first heard about it from Anna and I can see the hype, it's just really good.

I could go on and on, especially about products which aren't for my skin types but other people would love. I think this post is long enough for now so if you would like me to write about them, do let me know.

Luce x