The Birthday Wishlist

Something big is coming up on the 22nd of September, I'm turning 21. I'm officially an adult now, I can now legally buy alcohol in America and all that stuff. I'm a big birthday person, I really like my birthday. Now I'm not doing anything extravagant, I'm only heading back up North for the weekend to see my mum and my new puppy, Basil, with my sister. But here are a few things I have dropped (big) hints for and even though I know I won't get everything (more like one thing), a girl can dream.

Mulberry Tessie Tote Bag - I fell in love with this oxblood tote as soon as I saw it hit stores last month. It's the perfect size for a tote and oxblood is my all time favourite colour so I know I will love it for years to come.
Mulberry Tree Continental Wallet - Continuing the oxblood theme, I have needed a new purse for about a year now but I've just been putting off buying one for so long. I've been using a little brown leather one I picked up in Marrakech a few years back, it's served its purpose but now it's past its best. 
Alex Monroe Gold Bumblebee Necklace - This is more of a present to myself as I know I'm already going to buy myself this. I just love it so much, so so cute and delicate. I was leaning towards the rose gold edition in Liberty but I'm going to stay classic with the gold.
Diptyque Patchouli Candle - Can you believe I have never owned a Diptyque candle? I always look at them but could never quite spend that much on a candle. I wish this scent came in a perfume because I love it so much, so I'll have to make do with a candle.
Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder - Something I have wanted for so long but always put off buying as I already own so many highlighters. But this one is perfection and I've been told too many times that I need it.
Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick in Vintage - Has anyone ever tried these lipsticks? I swatches this one and fell in love. It's a perfect deep rose with a hint of purple and pink in there, everything I want. Do I really need another lipstick? Yes, I don't own one from Hourglass yet!

Luce x