University Isn't For Everyone

It's that time of the year when you're deciding of what to do with University, whether to go or not. A lot of people have been writing posts or filming videos on the subject but I've been wanting to put my own little say out there. This is more of a 'this is what I did and do now' post, not telling you what to do.

So two years ago I went to university, I moved to London to study marketing and I was very excited. I was never academic, throughout both sixth form and secondary school, I never enjoyed school. I know for a fact that many of my friends and tutors at sixth form were wondering why I was going to university because they knew I didn't like it. I applied because I didn't know what else to do and I also wanted to prove to myself that I could actually get in, against what other people thought. So I got in and I moved away from the north, where most people I knew were staying. Christmas came around and I knew I didn't like university. I didn't enjoy being a student, I had got myself a job and I was more excited about that than university. It got to around Easter (I think) and I told my parents that I wanted to drop out of university. I thought about it a lot, I had spoke to so many people who had done it and who hadn't gone altogether. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I just knew university wasn't for me. I completed the year and never went back, even when I did hear that I actually passed the year.

I don't regret it at all. I didn't get the student life. I didn't enjoy going out, especially in London as I would get extremely anxious about being drunk in a city I didn't know that well. I hated halls, as much as I made friends. I also never 'clicked' with anyone there. I kept seeing people on Facebook having so much fun and thought 'why am I not doing that', so I knew it wasn't for me. 

What I quickly realised is that there is a life after dropping out. I moved back home for around 3/4 months and even though I did think it was the end of everything as it was demotivating having to move back with my parents, I got on with things. After deciding I wanted to move back to London, I got myself back down. I applied for so many jobs and I got the job I really wanted, working for a skincare brand I really love. I had a beauty background from my job at university but also blogging helped me a lot. It's not what I want to be doing forever, but it's helped me get back down here and I'm not doing too bad for myself. 

If you don't want to go to university or want to drop out, don't feel like you can't do it. There is always someone you can talk to (including me, just email me) and there is always something else you can do. Education isn't for everyone, especially for someone who is quite creative and doesn't like lectures. I may have walked away with a lot of debt for one year (damn the raised fees), but I'm proud of myself for it all. I know my parents and sister are proud of me for it and as much as I was worried about telling my parents about dropping out, they fully supported my decision. 

You will get to where you want to be, you'll just work a lot harder and it will show too. When your friends graduate, you will have gone through a lot more than they have and may be ahead of them. Sometimes you don't need to go to university as you can still get into the job you want. I would say it's more if you want to be a doctor etc, then you definitely need to go to university. 

Luce x