London Life - Borough Market


A new little segment here today, I'm going to be showing you around London more often. It was this month two years that I moved to London, little did I know that I was going to fall in love with the city and hope to spend many years to come here. Borough Market was one of the first places I discovered living here, mainly because this was my 'local' as I lived just down the road from it.

If you're a food lover or love a wander around a market, Borough Market is perfect. It's known to be one of the best food markets in London and I can vouch for that, its full to the brim of delicious things waiting to be ate. Even the fussiest of eaters will find something to eat. It's open from Thursday to Saturday, although some stalls are there from Wednesday afternoon and till Sunday morning. The busiest days are Friday and Saturday, but a good time to visit is Friday morning. Trust me, I used to go every week. 

There are new stalls every now and then but many of them stay the same, just serving different produce. A few of my favourite are the gluten free granola pick n mix, raclette (who doesn't like melted cheese), all of the fruit & vegetables stalls and the juice bar behind the main fruit stall as they're always delicious and I still haven't tried them all. Just outside of the market are many small shops including Monmouth coffee, which is always extremely busy, Neals Yard Cheese, Aesop, Paul Smith, local barbers and coffee shops. 

It's a lovely morning or afternoon out, especially if you carry on walking along the Southbank to the BFI. Just remember to take a look at the Shard as you always get an impressive view from the bottom.

Luce x