Stepping Out Of A Blogging Rut

Even though my blog is coming up to two years old, I still get stuck into a blogging rut. These past few months have been spent thinking about what I really want to do with my blog. Both my blog and I have grown since starting and we're simply not the same as when we started out. After crawling out of the rut, I'm back feeling very excited about Bonjour Luce.

Bonjour Luce was started as predominately a beauty blog but I've grown a lot since then and now I focus on a lot more than beauty. I was a little apprehensive about sharing more about me and my life but that's what I enjoy the most. The majority of the blogs I read now are 'lifestyle blogs' if you want to put a label on them, just writing about their life, food and travelling, some with the little addition of beauty. I'm still experimenting as I'm unsure as to what my readers will enjoy to read but I'll continue to open a little more of my life to you all. Beauty will still appear as it's my main interest but maybe more in a personal approach.

Not only have I changed but what I enjoy has changed. I still love beauty and will continue to do so, but creating the same content which I could have posted a year ago has become a little boring for me, just like how I felt with my attempt at beauty YouTube videos. But allowing myself to change my blog has made me excited to blog again. That's the most important thing about my blog, I want to feel excited about posting on it and I do.

I've had to accept that sometimes content I put out will not be as popular as other times I have posted, but that's okay as long as it's always quality over quantity for me. When I asked myself why the interaction had stopped on my blog, it was because I was posting about things I wasn't as enthusiastic about and that was clear. Since changing the direction, I have noticed that people are enjoying it more. That bit more effort and love for it does a huge amount and I think many people can take away from that too. Whether that's for a blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they all need attention. 

A little push and determination was what I needed and being surrounded by friends who are so successful in what they do, whether it's blogging, YouTube or freelancing writing, it's the push I needed. 

Luce x