Making The Most Of A Small Desk

So one of the things I was most excited about moving into my new flat was getting a desk. I haven't had one since I was in halls and then I was at home, I finally have a little desk to go under my window. I picked up the Linnmon/Lerberg Table in White & Grey from IKEA. The table top is separate from the legs as it just sits onto top of it, so there's no knocking it as it can be a little wobbly. But for £23 altogether, it does the job and I cannot be happier. 

No clutter - The length of the table is only 120cm and although it's not the smallest desk, ensuring that there is no clutter on the table makes a big difference. A few decorations such as small plants, candles and picture frames can fit around the edges. I keep my laptop in the middle with a few notebooks and calendars around for when I'm working. On the left I usually keep a few new launches which have arrived and on the right, I keep a drink and hand cream as it's next to my bed for the evening.

Extending the space - Next to my desk, I keep my IKEA Alex drawers which stores all of my products. They're nearly the same height, so I use it an extension of the desk by keeping extra notebooks, my iPad and my diary on top of there in front of my everyday skincare products. I have a basket underneath the desk where I store all things which don't have a place on the desk, or are too big to go anywhere.

Multi Use Storage - As for storing pens and all the small  things, I simply use little bowls and pretty glasses I have collected. As well as a decoration, I can use it to store things. It's all the little things. 

Small foldable chair - I made a mistake of only just realising I needed a chair to go with my desk when I got to the checkout, but I'm very happy with the chair I picked up. I have the Terje Folding Chair in White with a grey striped cushion so that it's comfortable. It fits perfectly underneath the table and I can fold it up and put it away if needed.

A place for photographs - As it's a white desk, I use it as a backdrop for a lot of my photographs. I have a few white table tops around my room, but as this is right next to my window, I get direct sunlight. Perfect lightning on a morning, so a lot of the photos you see will be shot on here.

Since finally getting a little desk, I always sit here to work and it actually makes me feel more motivated. No more working in bed, I get a lot more done and it helps to post more on my blog. I still have a few bits I would like to add to my desk, how do you make it your own space?

Luce x