Don't Be A Sheep

Just a few little points as a reminder that you shouldn't follow everyone else and just be yourself and your own blog. 

  • It's okay not to like the same products as that other blogger
  • It's okay not to own every single new release
  • Be yourself at all times and don't pretend to be someone else online, or at all
  • Be inspired, don't copy
  • Credit people's work where necessary
  • Post about whatever you want, there will always be someone who enjoys your writing
  • Stick to your own schedule, don't try and adapt how other people work, find your own way
  • Don't be afraid to take a break from your blog
  • Fall in love with your blog and soon enough you may find a passion for things you never knew
  • Getting excited about new followers and likes can still be exciting, be proud of it
  • Be nice to other people
  • Share your favourite blogs

Luce x