Meet Basil


Everyone, meet Basil, my new adorable little yorkie poo puppy. On Friday afternoon, I had a long train journey back to Durham for the next few days to celebrate my birthday with my family but to also spend some time with this little munchkin.

We have always had dogs, I've grown up around puppies and now we have a little addition to the dog family. It's been nearly two years since our last little house dog passed away and empty nest syndrome got the best of my mum, so that's where Basil came in. As much as we love our other dogs, we wanted a little dog who we can pet constantly.

He's around 11 weeks old now and has doubled in size since we got him, although I've only just met him for the first time. He's playful, going through a little biting phase and adorable at the same time. I just want to be cuddling him constantly!

Luce x