Week In A Nutshell #3


This week has been filled with a celebratory pizza, thinking about juice cleanses and all of the best make up releases.

  1. Sarah Close on YouTube - This week I discovered Sarah Close on YouTube and all of her brilliant covers. I didn't really like Kanye's new song until I heard her cover of it, which is one of the best covers ever. I have since went back and listened to the majority of her songs on her channel. Now I'm just waiting for her to release her own original songs, which I'm sure will be a hit! 
  2. New Wall Artwork - I need your help here, I'm looking for a nice pictures to put onto my wall as they're a little bare at the moment. Next to my desk I have a small wall where I have stuck up a few postcards and photos which I have collected over the past few years. But now, what is your favourite Etsy shops for prints? 
  3. Pizza Pilgrims - On Thursday I met my sister to go for pizza after work, so we headed to Pizza Pilgrims just off Carnaby Street. I went for the Nduja pizza which is a margarita with a spicy pork sausage and Kayleigh went for the calzone. For a side, we shared some arancini which was actually better than the one I had in Sicily in the summer. I would definitely recommend going there if you're in London one evening.
  4. NARS Eye Opening Act Collection - I had spotted the Eye-Opening Act collection on a few blogs but never seen the Velvet Shadow Sticks before. Knowing how amazing all of the pencil products from NARS are (see the Lip Pencils for example), I can only guess that these would blend seamlessly for a smokey eye. 
  5. Juice Cleanses - After drinking a lot more smoothies and juices, I've been looking into doing a juice cleanse. I want to see for myself if they live up to the hype, can you really lose inches and lbs by doing it? I've been doing some research into various different companies, most of them are very expensive but I think I have found one which is under £100 for 3 days which is a lot more reasonable for the wider audience. What are your thoughts on them? Is it something you would consider doing?

Luce x