Week In A Nutshell #2

This week has been filled with a new year, one hangover at work and a new lease of life and inspiration. A lot of planning has been going on around my parts for this little blog and I'm really excited to show you my ideas. But first, what has been going on this past week...

  1. 30 Days of Yoga - If you subscribe to Yoga with Adriene, you will have seen that she has started to upload her 30 Days of Yoga series. After watching and attempting a few introductory videos, I've started to join along with it and I'm excited to see if I can complete it. Each video is between 15-30 minutes and to do that every day, it takes no time at all. Perfect thing to do first thing in the morning before breakfast to build up an appetite. I'm a complete beginner at yoga, having only done a few classes in the past, so if I can complete it, anyone can too.
  2. NutriBullet - I joined the masses this week and bought a NutriBullet. I have wanted one for a while and after seeing my sister open one on Christmas Day, I knew I had to pick one up. With the help of leftover Christmas money, I now can make delicious smoothies every day. So far, I am very impressed with how quick and easy it is to use but also how good it is at blending frozen fruit, compared to my last blender. Would anyone be interested in hearing more about it and whether I think it's worth the £100?
  3. Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Pale Barley - It seems as though it's a tradition to buy a Burberry eyeshadow in January as I did the same thing last year, this time it was Pale Barley. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to purchase this, it's incredible. The perfect shade for all over the lid, a gold silver shimmer which is perfect paired with lots of mascara.
  4. Deliciously Ella - I've always loved Ella's blog but after reading more about her book which is coming out this month, I've went back into the archives and read some brilliant posts. A few of my friends who don't usually read blogs have mentioned how much they love her blog, her recipes and videos which is always brilliant to hear. I'm hoping she's going to put another supper club on soon as I'd love to head to that.
  5. Man Repeller Book - Speaking of reading, I have just finished reading Man Repeller's book which I received for Christmas. After reading her blog for a while now, it was a great and hilarious way to get to know more about Leandra Medine. This book is a must read, especially if you love the blog, it will get you laughing so many times.

What have you been up to this week? How was your New Year?

Luce x