Winter Candles


I never really got the hype of candles until the past year, maybe because I was too accident prone when living at home and wasn't trusted to burn then, so since finally becoming settled in London, I have a fair few dotted around. All year round, there are different scents which can be burnt, but it's all down to preference. I prefer more woody deep scents, rather than sweet fruity candles which can you sometimes find. Give me a patchouli candle any month of the year and I will burn it.

So for the winter months, I've had a few candles dotted around which add a nice warmth and scent to the flat. On the weekend, you can usually find a candle burning in our hallway or kitchen to add a 'homely' touch to the flat. When I'm spending the day or evening working at my desk is when I usually tend to burn my candles, one always at the side of me. NEOM will always be my favourite brand for candles, they burn perfectly and are completely affordable, compared to many other brands such as Diptyque or Bella Freud. A three wick candle can last you months, depends on how often you burn it, I had my last one for around 9 months. Perfect Peace* has been a candle which I've burnt over the past few weeks. It was part of their Christmas collection, however the 1 wick candle is still available in the sale. With a mixture of Pine, Myrrh and Lime Peel, it has the touch of Christmas without a sickly cinnamon scent, but peaceful for the surroundings. A few more favourites from NEOM are the Real Luxury candles or Tranquillity Room Spray, a real luxury but great if you work from home. 

If you're looking for smaller candles, Malin & Goetz offer a set containing three miniatures of their best selling candles. The Votive Set* contains Dark Rum, Tobacco and Vetiver, again three woody scents which I love. The vetiver candle is my favourite, which I'm currently burning in my little tea light holder as it's small enough to fit, it has notes of bergamot, spicy clove, cedar wood and vetiver. Malin & Goetz offer a large range of candles, even sweet ones such as Mojito and Rose, which are actually lovely. The only thing I dislike about the black Malin & Goetz candles is that after a while of burning the candle, a lot of soot can come off it, which is a pain in the arse when it's on top of a white desk. 

I do think that the best priced candles are from Muji, although they don't look the prettiest, they have a very strong scent for something which costs under £4. I always have a Log Fire candle on hand, as it smells exactly like Diptyque Feu de Bois candle! Another one I like is the Jasmine & Olive candle, which always reminds me of holiday because of the olive scent. As well as burning these (not all at once though), I quite like to buy pretty little glasses from H&M Home and burn a tea light inside of them. It's a great gift idea and can cost you as much or as little as you'd like to spend.

Which are your favourite candles?

Luce x