Focus on Fig & Yarrow


Fig & Yarrow is an apothecary brand from Denver, Colorado founded by Brandy Monique. It's an obscure brand with brilliant beauty products which are catering towards my need for 100% natural beauty products at the moment. If you're interested in reading a great interview with the founder, it can be found here. They have everything from skincare, body care to herbal steams to cleanse your skin with. After trying some of their products recently, it's safe to say that I'm hooked and am going to be picking up their facial skincare kit too.

Starting with the Cardamom & Coffee Body Scrub, this is such a luxurious body scrub and I loved it. I go through body scrubs like crazy, I am vigilant when it comes to body care as I know that the skin on my body can flare up worse than my face so I make sure I use a scrub once/twice a week. I applied this onto damp skin, using a little bit a first as I assumed it would all over the place but I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn't. Once applied to the skin, the majority of the granules melt away into a moisturising oil, leaving only some of the scrub behind. The scrub leaves your skin moisturised, smooth and supple, just what everyone wants. The scent however, that isn't for everyone as not everyone is a huge coffee lover. I'm not the biggest coffee drinker, but I really liked the scent and it was invigorating for a morning shower.

Secondly, the Herbal Steams are the next products I have tried out. Steaming my face isn't something I do often - as in never - but these have gave me the chance to try it properly and to see the effects. I have a sampler pack which contains four steams in, all designed to suit a different season. I obviously started with the winter herbal steam, as it's the most appropriate for the current season. Whether I was meant to steam over a sink or a large bowl, I will never know but I just popped half of the contents of the pack into a sink full of boiling hot water. I left it 'steep' for around 5 minutes before starting the steaming process with a towel over my head to gain the full effects. Taking deep breathes, I let the steam work it's magic on my pores and continued to do this for around 10 minutes, or until the water started to cool down fully. I will admit that it was strange, I find that the whole 'steaming' thing is very old fashioned but it is good for your skin so it should be doing something. Afterwards, my skin came away feeling very clean and refreshed. I was having a little trouble with redness and the texture of my skin from stress and I was happy to find that the majority of it had been calmed down by the next morning. I didn't change the rest of my skincare that evening, it was only this what I had done differently so I was happy to know that it had done some good. Will it become a regular thing? No, but I will do it once a month or so as it's such a hassle and my skin felt as though it had been for a deep cleansing facial. I have another three packs to try out after the two times I have tried it, so I'm going to wait for the weather to change a little warmer to try it out again.

I have found Fig & Yarrow in Urban Outfitters stores, as they currently have a beautiful beauty section in their stores, so that may be the place to find it easily, as well as Liberty as they stock a few products too. Next up is the skincare though, the butter cream looks divine!

Luce x