Week In A Nutshell #4

Another week and it's been a busy one with exciting launch parties, new products being tested out and a few too many gym sessions which left me in pain. I went to my first pilates class last Friday night and couldn't laugh for a few days as my core hurt so much, so I skipped it this week in favour of a night with Netflix. Tomorrow morning I have a session with a personal trainer though, I'm already dreading it.

Nutribullet - This week especially I have been using my Nutribullet more than usual! I've got into a habit of having a smoothie every morning for breakfast, so I add oats and a lot of filling ingredients so I'm not left hungry. However I've also made myself oat flour using the milling blade, which was a lot easier than I thought. I used the oat flour to make protein pancakes for lunch one day, they were delicious, especially with a few blueberries in the mixture.

Hangin' Out With Chelsea & HayleyI've been watching Chelsea Wears for a few years now, but recently she's been making videos with her friend Haley and they are brilliant viewing. The second part of their most recent collaboration left me crying with laughter at some points - note, you may be grossed out by the stories but everyone has had them happened to you! 

Fig & Yarrow - I've been using a few Fig & Yarrow products recently, especially the body scrub which smells absolutely divine. One thing I've been looking at more recently is natural and organic skincare, which is why the brand is perfect. The skincare set contains a cleanser, complexion water, facial scrub, facial serum and a facial buttercream. 

Metallic Silver Vans - Something magical happened, I had been wanting these slip on vans for a long time and when I went onto the Office website, they were half price. I found them on payday, which makes it a lot better. I'm a huge trainer wearer, I would wear them every day and night if I could so these could add a little sparkle to a simple outfit.

We Need To Live More - I have spoke about Ella's blog before, but recently I have been loving her posts more than usual. A post about some simple yoga moves, which are super easy and available for anyone to try out. As well as the delicious winter salad, I made it this week for dinner and then again for lunch the next day, it was a perfect side dish for baked salmon!

Luce x