Bone Daddies - Best Ramen in London

Until before Christmas, I had never ate ramen before and oh boy, I had been missing out. I had seen Bone Daddies pop up on Essie Button's vlogs a few times so it was only time before I ended up going there. After the first time, I knew I had to blog about it and share it all with you.

Bone Daddies is a ramen bar in Soho on Peter St, just off Wardour St which is one of the main streets in Soho. Offering various different dishes of ramen and side dishes, it's a perfect place for dinner. I went for the T22 which is soy ramen, chicken, cock scratchings (kinda like crispy chicken skin bits - totally delicious) and a chicken bone broth. All of them also contain clarence court egg, bamboo, bean sprouts and noodles too. Suzie went for Tonkotsu Ramen which contains spring onions, chashu pork and a 20 hour pork bone broth. Even if you haven't tried ramen before, I would recommend trying it out. Having tried both of them, I prefer T22 as it's slightly more tastier, except the pork ramen has a lot more soy in it if you prefer that.

As for the sides, you have to try out the fried chicken, which is possibly the best fried popcorn chicken I have tried. Think popcorn fried chicken for adults, it's a must. Oh, and you must get one each if you head over there as you won't want to share. 

Expect to wait a little if you go on a weekday past 6pm, however I last went there at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon and sat down straight away. It's the sister restaurant to Flesh & Buns which opened up a year or so ago, another Japanese restaurant. Check out the late night menu for a different range of dishes including a "boney d's burger" and lots of cocktails, if you head there between 11pm - 12am.

Luce x