Canada Through My Phone

I always aim to take my camera out and take prettier photographs, but whilst in Canada this past week, it didn't even cross my mind. But it didn't stop me snapping a few things on my phone every now and then. Canada is a beautiful country, there's no denying it. Having spent the first few days in Toronto, it was amazing to escape the city to visit the countryside. Since returning on Thursday, I quickly skipped any jetlag (perks of being able to sleep it all off in one day), I finally uploaded a few images I took while out there.

The Detox Market is a must visit in Toronto, in the Entertainment District. It's a shop full of natural beauty products, including amazing brands such as MV Organics and RMS. Alongside all of the beauty products, there's a small juice bar and I also spotted a delicious looking bone broth soup. 

Although a few days were spent doing work-related activities, it was a great quick break from London but I'm happy to be back. Next up, I can't wait to show you Niagara Falls which we visited while out there!

Luce x