Niagara Falls, Canada

You can't go to Canada without visiting Niagara Falls, right?

Following on my Canada Through My Phone post, I mentioned that I also visited Niagara Falls while there. As it's something I hadn't seen before, I was super excited to visit it. When you hear people talk about how beautiful it is, they're right because it really is outstanding. Although when you get there, there's nothing to do except look at the waterfalls or go on a boat ride (which looked too wet and cold for my liking), it's worth the drive. On the way back, we stopped off at Niagara On The Lake which is a small town nearby. The houses were so picturesque, it was like seeing Desperate Housewives houses in real life!

So next time you're in Canada, head there. In fact, just add Canada to your travel wish-list as it's a must!