Sunday Musings V

So last Sunday I realised I hadn't written a post like this since August, which is crazy as it's now November. I suppose life has just got in the way for me! September was mostly spent out of London and then the whole of October was a lot of fun weekends with friends and hard working mid-week, before a week away in Canada. As much as I love travelling and going to different countries, knowing that I'm not leaving the UK for a while is getting me excited. I just really love England in the winter. But I guess life got in the way and before I know it, I'll be heading home for a few weeks over Christmas!

• // Can we talk about Sarah's cover of Hello by Adele for a second? It was uploaded last week and I am completely obsessed with it.
• // Lily Pebbles uploaded her Casual Autumn Lookbook this morning and I loved it. It's great to see a YouTuber upload a lookbook of clothes they would actually wear on a daily basis for once. I've been enjoying Lily's channel so much recently, but the editing in that particular video was brilliant. 
• // Sophie over at Double Dipping has started a new series where she interviews various photographers she knows. First up is Kevin Wong, someone you all need to follow on Instagram! 
• // Diana Von Furstenberg and Leandra Medine chat on the couch in a new episode of The Chatroom. It's a perfect Sunday evening viewing!
• // British Vogue has uploaded Alexa Chung's fashion series as a long 1-hour version on YouTube - perfect opportunity to catch up with it all as it's all very interesting. 

For the rest of my Sunday, I'm going to pick myself out of bed and walk to Sweaty Betty where I want to buy a new yoga mat as I have realised mine has turned a little damp. Note to self - don't store a yoga mat next to the window which has huge amounts of condensation on. What are you doing with your Sunday? 

Luce x