Sunday Musings VI

Having struggled with my sleeping pattern recently (other night owls can relate here), it was so nice to be able to fall asleep before midnight most nights this week. One or two evenings may have been helped by the few glasses of wine I had drank (where I also took these photographs above), but let's leave that out. 

This week I have been obsessively listening to podcasts. Rather than listening to the same Spotify playlist every week (although I do have one coming on here soon), I have been downloading various podcasts to listen to. Man Repeller recently started a new podcast series, Monocycle is hosted by Leandra Medine herself, they're a 10-minute digest about anything and everything. Introduce yourself to the series by listening to the first episode here. After that, head to their second podcast channel Oh Boy by Man Repeller and listen to Jay Buim sit down with women in the arts, tech and beyond worlds. I recommend the Amelia Diamond episode, aside the fact she's my favourite writer on the site, this ep feels like a great conversation you're listening to between friends. 

If you haven't heard of Lenny Letter, then you must have been living underneath a rock recently. A newsletter turned website which is the love child of Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner [the two masterminds between GIRLS - the best TV show ever]. Showcasing original articles which are first sent out in the daily newsletter before being uploaded to the website, they are really onto something good. With articles about how sexism is getting better in Silicon Valley by Ellen Pao to Jennifer Lawrence's view on the pay gap in the film industry, there's something for everyone. 



Current Obsession - Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal Peel Off Mask

I don't think I've used a peel off mask since I was a child and I never assoiciate them with the best skincare routine, so I will admit I was skeptical when I first used this Masque Bar mask. But having already fallen in love with their Green Tea sheet mask a few months ago, I went ahead with it and was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it so much fun to peel off, it took away a few little black heads I had dotted on my nose as well as brighten my skin up a little. Although I had to follow up with an overnight moisturising mask, as it had sucked all moisture out of my already dry skin, I would use it again. In fact, I have already and will be picking up a new pack of these masks.