A Few Christmas Ideas

I've been toying with the idea of a Christmas gift guide for the past month, but as I particularly wanted to feature a unisex guide, it was harder than I expected. I didn't want to go down the usual route of featuring Christmas beauty exclusive gifts, rather things I own and enjoy often. So here are my ideas for Christmas, in case you're struggling about what to buy someone, all these items have been plucked from around my room as I love them all. 

Starting with a candle, a gift everyone would love because, who doesn't love candles? I love so many different candle brands, but my favourite is NEOM. I always have one of their candles in my room ready to burn, usually a three wick candle. Every year they release Christmas limited edition candles and every year I'm not disappointed. My chosen candle this Christmas is the NEOM Perfect Peace One Wick Candle which is adorned with a beautiful silver design. Containing scents such as pine, myrrh and lime peel, it's a different twist on the typical Christmas scent, but it's a divine scent which fills the room. For the people who are enamel lovers, such as myself, Anthropologie is the best place to shop. Not only are you able to go into the store and pick up so many gifts, but their collection of kitchenware can force me to buy so many little things. With small pots starting at around £3, there's something for all budgets too! 

It's not a gift guide without a beauty option in there and me being me, there has to be multiple. First up is a bath milk by a fairly underrated brand, Lucy Annabelle, which is stocked in Space NK. I have spotted it a few times in my local store, always being drawn to the idea of a bath milk rather than an oil. Made with 99% organic ingredients, my favourite is the Date Night Bath Milk as it contains a blend of patchouli, ylang ylang, nutmeg and mandarin essentials oils as well as coconut oil, soyabeans and argan! Enclosed in a beautiful glass bottle, it's maybe for your mum who is used to using a bath milk, rather than an oil. However I have thoroughly enjoyed using this recently (the cold weather has forced me to have multiple baths a week) so it could be for anyone. For the bath oil lovers, Aromatherapy Associates is the go to brand as they are the best! Liberty currently have an exclusive bath oil with Aromatherapy which is all about having a clear mind, a great option for an evening bath after a hard day at work! The Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil can be both used in the bath and shower, obviously, as either a moisturising oil to be washed off or a scent to add to a hot bath. The packaging also has a Liberty print on the cardboard, which is great for the Liberty print lovers. 
For the creative stylish women, Estée Lauder Modern Muse Chic perfume is a great option. Adapted from the original Modern Muse fragrance, it's been created with the modern women in mind with a range of complex notes combined together. It's a woody floral fragrance with patchouli, suede musks, stargazer lilies and jasmine being the main notes in the perfume. Everyone needs a fragrance which can be worn for both day and night and this is certainly one of those!
Beauty products can also be stocking fillers - things you don't really need, but they're such a good gift you give them anyway. One option could be the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment, which is super luxurious hand treatment. A perfect option for the ladies who have super dehydrated hands and those who love to apply plenty of cream as it's such an intense treatment, it can be a little overwhelming the first few times you use it. 
So many people have trouble sleeping on an evening, whether or not it's because your mind is buzzing with thoughts relating to work or you're a little stressed, it's horrible not being able to sleep. I'm a huge fan of pillow sprays, as I do believe that they help me sleep a little easier. I have two favourites which I have been using for the past 6 months or so, the first being NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist which unfortunately ran out a few weeks ago. An intense concentrated pillow spray containing english lavender, sweet basil and jasmine which helps calm me before sleeping. A little cheaper option is the more well known This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which is also worth the hype. If you're not a fan of lavender, you're not going to be a fan of this unfortunately. Each evening, I spray this onto the top pillow on each side of the bed and also on the top of the duvet which will be near my face (not too close though as it can become a little too wet). 

I feel as though every woman needs to read Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham, as it's the one of the best autobiographies I have read. It's hilarious, thought provoking and touching at the time, all while you're able to relate many of the stories to your own life. I'm a huge fan of Lena Denham, she's an inspiration to me and I could talk about her for hours! My favourite magazine has to be Porter magazine, a seasonal magazine which is produced by Net-A-Porter. Since that was launched, my sister and I have purchased every single issue together and have collected them. Since starting read this magazine, I have even stopped buying Vogue every month! If you know someone who is a fan of the magazine, a great gift would be a subscription to the magazine, something I know I would love! 

With winter in full force now, I couldn't get through the cold weather without two things. The first being my Yuyu Bottle, which is basically a very long hot water bottle. It heats up more of your bed before getting in, it's easy to cuddle to keep warm, but I also like to lay it on the back of my neck if it's aching a little. There's an option for a cashmere version, a cable knit one or a simple wool version, however I'd suggest the cashmere one! The second thing to get me through the winter are blanket scarves, particularly this Arizona Stripe Blanket Scarf from Accessorize! I have been wearing this nearly every single day since I got it, it's so warm and fluffy and goes with my wardrobe colour palette perfectly. Plus it's on sale now, so pick it up quickly!