A Subtle Blonde Balayage

So I'm a huge fan of the balayage trend, whether or not it's still a trend now, I just love it. Naturally, my hair is a dark dirty blonde shade and although it lightens a fair amount during the summer months, I like to add a few highlights every few months. Although my eyebrows and eyelashes are naturally dark brown, I'm always surprised at how bright blonde I used to be when I was younger and how much I wish I still was. 

But when the weather was becoming a little colder in October, rather than going darker like most people would, I needed a little more blonde back in my hair. Unfortunately when it comes to dyeing my hair, I'm not exclusive to where I would go, however I know a few good places for different styles. I had been recommended Windle & Moodie by a few friends who are regulars at the salon and having read rave reviews of their products in publications, I knew I would be in good hands. Windle & Moodie was born in 2010 after Paul Windle and Neil Moodie joined forces after meeting at Bumble & Bumble after a successful careers. Both men are renowned stylists for many different reasons as Moodie was a regular stylist for Vogue and Windle was the man responsible for bringing Bumble & Bumble to the UK! 

The salon is within Seven Dials in Covent Garden, a beaming location of beauty spots at the moment. I went with pictures saved onto my phone from Pinterest [side note, I will always be pinning different inspiration images around the time I want to have my hair dyed again] and was introduced to the woman who is responsible for the most subtle but beautiful balayage I have ever had done. Ravi De Souza is both a colourist and a stylist, which I was told is not common at all as people usually only specialise in one. The best part of it all was that she also had naturally very curly hair, so she would understand my hair when cutting and dyeing it! It's something I always pick up on, as it's only really my own hairdresser who understands how my hair is.

The biggest tip I can give you about going to the hairdressers is that - communication is key!

With that in mind, we spent a little talking about what I was achieving and her overall thoughts on my hair. At the time I was in the chair, I had only returned from Bali the week before so my hair was a little highlighted from the sun, so I had to think of that too. We agreed that my hair needed a little lift which could be achieved with colour. Mixing two different tones with the bleach, a lighter shade would be added around my face to add colour and lift to my hair, whilst the slightly darker shade would be used at the back. I will note that as my hair doesn't take to dye very well at all, I always need to use bleach when I add more highlights ts to my hair, I just make sure to keep it in good condition! 

I'm unsure how long the bleach was on my hair for, but I was able to read through the full latest issue of Vanity Fair before I had to have my hair washed. One amazing thing about Windle & Moodie is the washing stations and the best head massage ever! Rather than the bright lights which are often in a lot of hairdressers, they had created a silent and dark area so you're able to properly relax. After washing off all the bleach, a toner mixed with gloss treatment was applied and left on for around 15 minutes to make sure my hair was moisturised and not bleach blonde! 

After a quick trim and an addition to some small bangs to the side, I was left with a subtle ashy blonde balayage and I was overly happy with it! If you're thinking of adding a little blonde to your hair and haven't done it before, head to Windle & Moodie as you will be able to achieve a great subtle look.