My Cameras and I

Glancing over at all my camera equipment, I've realised I've never spoke about what I shoot with. After reading Olivia's post on her camera kit, I wanted to show you all what I shoot in, as I personally love to know the technical side behind the blogs. Of course all of this is not needed to be a blogger, but I have collected all of this over the years whether it's for blogging or when I used to study photography. 

Nikon D3000 - This is the camera I use for 80% of the images you see on my blog, especially product images or anything which can be photographed in my flat. It's coming up to 6 years old now and it's still a cracking camera, especially when paired with a good lens. I started off using this camera in auto, before learning manual throughout A Level Photography. Up until last year when I wanted to change my photos for the better, I usually shot in auto before changing back to manual as it's a lot better. The camera is now discontinued, however there are updated versions avaliable. The downside of the camera are that there is no movie option, no flip out screen which makes self portraits a whole load easier and no live screen either. Ideally I would like to upgrade cameras, but I don't want to do that until I can afford to buy my dream camera which is the Canon 5D Mark ii. 

Kit 18-50mm Lens and 50mm 1.8 Lens - Up until around two years ago, I solely used the kit lens as I never had any problems with it. It's great for starting out with, but when there are certain things you want to do, I knew it was time to switch. So that was when I got the 50mm lens and I haven't looked back. I still use the kit lens for photographs such as flat lay style images, as I need something which isn't so zoomed in. But aside from that, I only use the 50mm lens and it's a brilliant lens. A lot of bloggers use this and rightly so, it's a great lens to get the 'background blurred' style photos and many others. Since using the 50mm lens, I saw a huge difference in my photographs for the better. I don't call myself a photographer, I just enjoy taking photographs for both personal and blog reasons.

Sony A6000  - You may have seen that I received this camera for Christmas and I have mainly used this since. I had been using my sister's Canon EOS M here and there and wanted something similar, a small compact system camera which I can use for out and about. After doing a lot of researching, I decided on the Sony A6000 camera. I cannot fault this camera, except the fact that other lenses to buy for the camera are incredibly expensive. After comparing it to other cameras, it's known to be around the same quality as the Canon 700D which is commonly used nowadays by bloggers. It has both a live view screen and a view finder, something I find good for finer detail when taking product images or portraits. There is no flip out screen, but there is a tilt screen which has come in use many times. One of the best features is the wifi option so I am able to send photos straight to my iPhone or even use the remote control app on my phone to take the images, which can go straight onto Instagram. 

Shooting in Film - When I studied photography at sixth form, one of the things I spent a lot of time on was shooting in film and learning how to process the film. Put me in a darkroom and I am incredibly comfortable, Photoshop on the other hand though, I am not. I went through a stage when I kept buying old film cameras on eBay, some of them have been sold since but I'm left with a few, including this Olympus Trip 35 which is still in perfectly working condition. After picking up some out of date rolls of film in my local Oxfam, I've been trying to shoot some images in film too. Whether it's a shot of what I am shooting at the time (such as new releases) or a delicious meal, I'm excited to get my film developed. 

If you're a blogger/photographer, what camera do you use? I'm intrigued to find out!

Luce x