Fallen For Individual Lashes


Up until around 4 months ago, I had never worn fake eyelashes. Naturally, I have quite long curly eyelashes and I never felt the need for them. When getting ready for a night out, I was doing my flatmates make up and applying lashes to her when I decided to try them out on myself. I was very impressed on how they looked, by simply opening my eyes that bit further.

I added a few medium length ones to the outer corner, which immediately opened my eyes and a few more short ones into the middle of the lashes to add more flutter. I have tried both Eylure Individual Lashes and Tanya Burr Lashes too, out of the two I prefer Eylure lashes as I find they stay for a lot longer due to the glue.
When applying individual lashes, you apply them onto the other lashes, so that they last a lot longer, whereas strip lashes go onto the skin. The Eylure lashes can last up to four weeks, however I've only worn them for an evening. I couldn't imagine they would stay longer than a few days if you don't touch your eyes though. When it comes to removing my make up, I always use an oil or balm and the lashes melt away with the mascara. Looking at all tutorials, to ensure that they last longer, they must be applied to bare lashes. However, I applied them to my eyes once I had finished all my make up to go out in. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to apply them in various different ways, I found that this tutorial on YouTube was the best one. 

Have you used individual lashes before?

Luce x