My Favourite Jewellery

I've never been a huge jewellery lover growing up. When it came to 'big' birthdays, my parents always asked if I wanted a piece of jewellery just like my sister but I always went for a new bag. But the pieces I do wear, I wear every day and they are staples in all my outfits. 

Starting with the necklaces, I purchased the Alex Monroe Gold Bumblebee necklace last year as a birthday present to myself and like many of my other pieces, I wear it nearly every day. I like how the bee is slightly weighted so it hangs beautifully around the neck, as well as it going with almost all outfits. The other was a Christmas present, which is a simple chain with four small pearls in the middle from the brand Orelia in Topshop. I always admire the jewellery in Orelia as it's all so dainty and simple, which as you will see, is a running theme.

Next with my rings, the little entwined double band has a special place in my heart as I have worn it every single day for around 7 years now. It's nothing special, my friend bought it for me as I kept looking at the same one every weekend we were in town but it was the way she went out of her way to buy it for me. It's made out of sterling silver, which is the same for all my rings so that they all match. But that has sat on the same finger every single day, so if I ever forget to put it back on, I feel slightly bald as its left an indent in my finger. 
Moving onto the newer additions, & Other Stories is my go to place for all jewellery at the moment. I can't walk into the shop and leave empty handed as they're jewellery is so well priced for the quality. The Thin Disk Ring is a newer purchase, along with the thicker Double Loop ring. Another is from Jewel Street by the designer Christina Oswin, the Small Rock ring.  


Yet another two & Other Stories purchases are my gold chain bracelets. I first purchased the plain around 4 months ago and haven't taken it off since, so I felt as though it needed a companion. The Hoop Chain can be found in both gold & silver, so I went for gold to match the other chain. I really like the simplicity of the chains and how easy they are to layer with each other. I keep looking at many other bracelets from Monica Vinader, as well as her simple band rings. 

On top of these, the only other jewellery I wear everyday is my Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Lady watch in Rose Gold. The leather strap has worn so well as I wear it so often and it sits very comfortably around my wrist. In fact, I keep admiring the smaller watches such as the Classy Sheffield watch with a black leather strap. Also, my earrings which I never remove (mostly as I wouldn't be able to put them back in alone) which are simple small silver hoops in my lobes and then a few more rings and bars in various different locations on my ears. 

What are your favourite jewellery pieces?

Luce x