Week In A Nutshell #6

The last full week of March and it's been a good one, from spending quality time with my sister, working a bit too late most evenings as well as tasting delicious food. The weather is finally starting warm up, which is making London a whole lot more beautiful. April is going to be a strange month for me, mostly as two of my close friends are leaving London and moving overseas, but there should be a lot of exciting things happen for me too.

Flesh & BunsLast year Flesh & Buns opened in the Seven Dials area in Covent Garden and there as a whole load of hype around it, I tried to get a booking a few times but it was near enough impossible if you didn't plan around a week in advance. But on Thursday evening before going to the theatre, we tried our luck and got a table straight away. Flesh & Buns is a sister restaurant to Bone Daddies and Shackfuyu, two more Japanese restaurants which were delicious. It's a Japanese dining experience which offers 'drinking food', which essentially is a very relaxed way of eating filled steam buns. I'm going to drag a friend there soon enough again so I can take photos and blog it all, the food was some of the best I've had so I would 100% recommend it.

Closer at Donmar Warehouse Theatre - The movie Closer is one of my all time favourite movies so when my sister asked if I wanted to see it on stage, I jumped at the chance. The movie was initially adapted from a playbook so it was a great seeing where it all came from. Not your typical theatre experience, there was only around 250 seats, all situated around a small square stage in which the four actors perfumed. I walked away feeling amazed by it all, the acting was incredible and you really could feel the emotions throughout the performance. 

Stationery Crazy - When opportunities come around, I always find the excuse that I need a new notebook for it. Lagom Design has the most amazing stationery, just like this Paris Notebook. Although there is also a New York & London notebook, the pink is the most appealing to me. Now I just need a new 'list' notebook. 

Deliciously Ella After reading Ella's blog for a long time, I finally purchased her cookbook and so far I have loved it all. I keep reading a little bit before going to bed, as for once in a cookbook, there's parts to actually read. It contains everything from how to properly cook all grains to meals on the go. Ella announced the cover for book no.2 which is exciting, I will be purchasing that straight away. 

YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil Lip TintI have been obsessed with these lip tints the past few weeks, they're so moisturising yet leave a pigmented tint on the lips once the oil has sunk into the lips. Cherry Me and Crush Me Orange have been my go to shades for every day, as they don't go particularly bright, but leave colour on your lips which stays there. They're a little pricey but if you're looking for a lipgloss style product without the stickiness, this could be one to look at.

Luce x