The Australian Must Have

I had always heard about the Lucas PaPaw Ointment, but never tried it as I had no way of getting it from Australia. Boots had attempted to launch one pretty similar, but it wasn't there same and I didn't want to buy a fake. So when a friend headed over to the Aus for a holiday, she brought me a tube back after borrowing hers every day at work. Since then, I have not been able to live without it.

Think of it as an ointment what does everything, that's what Lucas PaPaw Ointment is. With a base of wax and petroleum jelly, don't let that scare you off because the main ingredient is carica papaya, fresh fermented fruit. There's no fruity smell, or any smell for that matter, with this balm. It has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it's great for burns, sunburn, cuts or simply as a lip balm. A little bit of dry skin on your elbows or somewhere on your body? Massage a little of this and it will go away. I have been carrying this stuff around everywhere, for simply using it as a lip balm and a cuticle oil on a daily basis. I've found it great for patches of psoriasis which I have been getting recently due to stress too.  I'm 100% a convert and it's really fitting with my new desire to use products with simpler ingredients. Although you're not going to find it in stores here in the UK, you can buy it on Amazon which is handy. 

Have you tried this before? I would totally suggest picking up a tube if you can!

Luce x