Favourites in February

Better late than never but here are my favourites from the month of February. The month consisted of a whistle stop trip to Paris, booking a weekend away in Stockholm, planning my summer, a whole load of wanderlust and too many classes of pilates.

Essie Top Coat - I found this on a whim, I discovered a mini duo pack among my nail polishes and used the top coat instead of Seche Vite, as it had turned a shade of pink from all the berry shades I've been using recently. Anyway, I used and my nail polish lasted a full week without any chips. I've since went through the mini bottle and went to buy the full size version. There's no strange strong smell like Seche Vite, creates a gel like finish and makes sure the polish is stuck to your nails for long enough before you get bored.

Aesop Deodorant - I have a secret, I've never been an avid wearer of deodorant. I'm not one to sweat, or when I do, it doesn't smell so as long as I shower daily, I don't feel the need to use it. However, after going to the gym more this month, I felt like I needed something so I looked to the Aesop Deodorant. It's aluminium free unisex spray which just masks any scent, something which could be used as a body spray (do people still use those?) or as a specific underarm deodorant. 

Avene Cold Cream - I've always been skeptical about cold cream, whether they work or not so when my dry skin became a whole lot worse I started to use the cold cream before I could get medicated cream from the doctor. Although I have stopped using this every day, I keep it in my gym bag to apply before and after I work out to stop my skin becoming sore from the dryness. I picked it up in a French Pharmacy for a few euro and it really has helped my skin. For people who just need a light moisturiser to use after showering, this is a great budget option or a great product to look at if you need a cream to carry around with you.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti Oxidant Toner - Toner is a product which I can give or take - I use an exfoliating toner a few nights a week but I wanted something to use on the nights I'm not using that. The Aesop toner is a hydrating toner which adds the anti oxidants to help protect the skin against the environment in London. Containing blue chamomile and lavender stem, it helps to calm any stressed skin whilst keeping it balanced, making it great for all skin types, especially sensitive.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair -  From one skincare product to another, after using ANR a few years ago, I was happy to see it added into my evening skincare routine with the new formulation. Using it before my night cream or an oil, ANR helps rejuvenate my skin, calms any redness and overall just makes it have a great texture.

Saving Grace by Jane Green - I picked this book up on a whim in the train station before a long journey, I instantly became hooked and just had to finish it asap. A brilliant gripping book which takes an unusual twist and takes you through emotions you hope to never feel in reality. A story about a perfect family but then someone comes in and rocks it all. Since finishing this, I've started to read Elizabeth is Missing, yet another gripping story.

What have been your favourites throughout the month?

Luce x