Going On A Tanning Streak


A few weeks back, I had to wear a dress with no tights, as well as show my pasty white arms. My legs simply weren't ready for this, although I do have the faintest bikini mark from last summer. They needed lots of exfoliating, a precise shave (rather than just a once over) and a little bit of colour. The night before I whipped out my two trust worthy products - Clarins Gradual Face Tan Lotion and Hei Shi Gradual Body Moisturiser. The next morning I looked more alive and perky, so ever since I haven't been able to stop. Most summers I have done a similar post talking about tanning, so lemme just give you a run down of my favourite tanners out there! 

Best Body Gradual Tan - I've tried quite a few body gradual tans over the years, as they are what I prefer to use, but the best one has to be He-Shi Day to Day Gradual Tan. Before applying, I always exfoliate the body and then apply another moisturiser underneath, but that's only because I have particular dry skin and it stops any streaking. I'll then apply it like a moisturiser, being careful around the ankles and other obvious places, before allowing it to dry slightly before putting pyjamas on. 

Best Wash Off Tan - Rather than a tan which can be washed off after one night like Rimmel Instant Matte Tan (who remembers this?), Xen Tan Dark Lotion* is applied and after it develops for around 3hrs, it can be washed off to leave a golden look to the skin. I will be honest and say that self tanners like this terrify me, I'm scared of touching anything before I've washed it off in case it stains and that it may go too orange. With Xen Tan, I've had none of those and that's why it lives up to its name. 

Two Gradual Face Tanners - For a face gradual tan, Clarins have the best options. Not only does the face tan give a little glow to the skin, it allows me to wear less foundation too. Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning is my go to option for the face, I apply it once my night cream has sank in by popping a little onto a cotton pad and wiping it over my face. Another option is a newer option, Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster which is a little dropper which you mix in with your moisturiser. You're able to add as many or as a few drops you want to your moisturiser to create the shade of tan you prefer. I usually add around three drops and will top it up every week or so, same with the liquid bronze, I use that around once a week. 

Instant Gradual Face Tan - Both of the previously mentioned face tanners need to have a few hours to be developed before they show any hint of a colour, however the Clinique Face Bronzing Gel Tint gives both an instant colour as well as developing to a deeper shade. I have used this in the morning before applying make up, which meant I could skip any bronzer and have a bronzed face for the rest of the week. The initial instant shade isn't dark at all, it's a subtle tint to the skin depending on your skin tone. 

Instant Wash Off Tan - Incase you'd prefer a tan just for the day and then be able to wash it off come the end of the day, there are plenty of options. My favourite has to be This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle which I will often apply as a primer to foundation to add a little colour to the skin. It comes out in a gel formula which seamlessly blends into the skin and hairline to ensure that there are no streaks. Another option is Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle* with comes out in a greyish moisturiser which when massaged into the skin, turns into a bronzed tint. I don't use as often as I do find that it can be a little dark so I often keep this for an evening. 

Which is your favourite self tanner?

Luce x