Stockholm Photo Diary


Last weekend I went to Stockholm in Sweden for a long weekend with two of my close friends. We booked it on a whim around a month and a half ago when we found cheap flights. I have always wanted to go to Sweden, Stockholm looked beautiful but I love how within the country there is so much water and greenery. Stockholm didn't let me down as it was the most beautiful city. It was coming into summer there so it was a little warmer than it usually is, but we were blessed with no cold weather thankfully. 

After a long journey there on Friday morning (we left at 4am and arrived at 2pm!), we settled into the hostel before heading out and having a wander. Over the rest of the weekend, we ate a lot of food, walked a lot, cycled around the city, stared at a lot of beautiful men and enjoyed ourselves. Stockholm isn't a huge city so we were able to see the majority of it within three days, but it's also completely different to London. It's a very cycle friendly city, something which appealed to me; the quality of life out there is also a lot higher. I would recommend the city to everyone! A lot of people mention that it's an expensive city but after living in London, the prices were average to me and mostly a little cheaper than London. The shopping was the best part, particularly with Weekday, which we don't have in the UK and Acne Archives, where I managed to walk away empty handed.

There will be a short video coming out soon in the next few weeks, as I kept recording little clips here and there and I was really happy with how my Paris video turned out. Let me know what you think of the city!

Luce x