Five Things Which Made Me Happy


Happy hump day! Buy yourself a delicious juice or finish off the rest of your Easter eggs as the weekend is just around the corner, although it won't be as good as the long weekend we all just had. After having a few busy weeks recently, I thought I would share what has been going on behind the Instagram photos. Although I try to post a lot on Instagram, it's only snippets and there is usually always more behind the photographs. So whereas the post is talking about this week, it's more the past few weeks...

  1. Having many mezzo style meals with my friends, this sounds like such a generic thing which can make you happy but with two close friends leaving the UK in the next few weeks, we have all been getting together to have dinner quite often. Don't get me started on thinking about one of my closest friends leaving to go to back to NZ.
  2. I rarely get a Sunday off so rather than going home for Easter, I stayed in London so that I could go to Columbia Road Flower Market. I went a little crazy and bought mass amounts of gypsophila. I absolutely love this flower, it lasts for around two weeks and looks adorable dotted around the flat in small mason jars. This is something I could imagine having everywhere at my wedding!
  3. Clinique Lip Pops! Can a lipstick can make you happy? But when 16 lipsticks arrive on your door step and every single one of them are beautiful, that can make a make up obsessed girl happy. Clinique recently launched them, to go along with the cheek pops, so they're a pop of colour for the lips. My favourite has to be Nude Pop which is a perfect dupe for MAC Patisserie! 
  4. Mango & banana smoothie! It's such a refreshing drink in the morning which is both fruity and creamy at the same time. I'm hoping to do post in the next few weeks all about my favourite smoothies which I make most mornings.
  5. Top Of The Lake on Netflix. I was a little late to the boat with this one as it was on BBC a while ago. But it was honestly brilliant, a short six episode series which I really like and I was hooked. I finished it within two days, three episodes each night and I became a little obsessed. 

What has made you happy this week?

Luce x