Get The Glow Make-Up Menu

Whenever I am applying make-up, I always have the same aim which is to look super natural and 'glowing'. I am all about make-up which allows my skin to breathe, accentuate my best features and overall, doesn't change my face. With a new season, new products have been added into my daily make-up. Allow me to introduce to you - Get The Glow Make-Up Menu!

As soon as it was launched, I knew I needed the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturising Photo Edition Foundation. It's a fuller coverage foundation that I'm used to, which means that often more than not, I can skip concealer. Leaving a semi-matte finish to the skin, I apply smaller than a pea sized amount onto the places where I need the coverage (i.e only around my cheeks) and blend the rest out around my face. Photo edition so there is no flashback with flash photography, but moisturising enough that it doesn't cling to any dry patches on my face. If I do use concealer, I have been switched between Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage or MAC Concealer Palette. Both are lifesavers and all make up junkies should own them in my opinion. I prefer to use Secret Camouflage, using Lisa Eldridge's pin pointing way or by simply blending a tiny amount on any blemishes or red patches. I will do a comparison post on both of these as they are similar yet completely different. For the rest of the face, I've actually been applying a light contour to the skin which is something I haven't introduced into my routine before. Using Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, I can add a little light contour and highlight the highest points on my face. I assumed that the bronzer would be slightly darker than it is, however it's a pretty good match as to how I naturally tan. The highlighter is, in my opinion, the best part as it's so finely milled, it adds the right amount of shimmer to the skin without looking glittery. On the evenings when I head out for a cocktail (or three), a new addition to the contour kit has been Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow. I read about this on Meg's blog a while back and always assumed it would be better suited for girls with paler skin, however it works just as well, especially layered up with the Bronze & Glow. I have to be pretty light handed with it, otherwise I can get a little too excited and over contour which isn't the best look. 

It's not a blog post without me mentioning Burberry Pale Barley eyeshadow. It's my all time favourite eyeshadow and possibly even make up product? But I can guarantee you that I wear it nearly every day, whether it's alone or layered up with another product. Another eyeshadow duo I always reach for come the days I want to add the glow is NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Alhambra. With one being a beautiful metallic rose mist and the other a golden champagne shimmer, they can be paired together or worn separately. Referencing back to Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow, that can also be worn on the lids to add a slight contour to the eye. I found that using that as a base all over the lid with a little Pale Barley dusted over the lid is a great daily look. 

For lips, it's either bright or nude for me come the days when it's warmer. On the brighter days, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl is brought out to be paired with a nude eye. As a vivid red, it's a statement lip which doesn't transfer onto every glass you may be drinking out of. On the days, I want to have a paired down lip, the Rodial Glamstick in Bite is applied. A tinted lip butter, which adds a pigmented wash of colour to the lips whilst moisturising them throughout the day. 

Now that the weather is warming up and my skin is becoming a little more tanned (and freckle covered), I'm reaching for a whole load of new products. Time to get the best beach ready products to pop in a suitcase for the coming months!

Luce x