Sunday Musings


With a week off work between jobs, I came home for the full week as it was half term which meant my mum was also off work. Although I was leaving behind warm weather in the city, coming back to the country is time for me to not do a lot. The week has been spent cuddling up with Basil (my little pup) in the evening, taking all the dogs on long afternoon walks, catching up with old friends before they jet off and having a few baby cuddles midweek. Oh and of course eating a lot of home cooked meals, my dairy free diet has gone out of the window! One of the best things I find about coming home is that I'm able to reset and find my motivation with everything. Whether that is simply heading to the gym one more time than I usually do during the week or post more on my blog. Although I don't particularly write about home, Durham holds a special place in my heart and it allows me to think differently to when I'm in London. Without the rush and competition in London, I allow myself to freely write at my own pace. Maybe I need to bring a little of this back down south with me.

If you follow me on Instagram [if not, why not? @bonjourluce], then you will have seen the beauty to the right from when I was in Stockholm last month. Whilst there, we became obsessed with a bakery named Fabrique and we always thought it was a Sweden only chain. Turns out that they have now opened up a small cafe in London, right beside Hoxton station. As soon as I found this, my sister and I went along one Sunday to explore it further. Stepping inside the cafe, I was brought back to my time in Stockholm as it was furnished exactly the same. It's definitely a hidden gem as I assume not many people know it's there, or at least know how brilliant it is. Their cardamon buns and cinnamon buns are delicious, the best ones I've ever ate before. Head over and buy one of each to share with your loved one and have a delicious drink too. My sister noted that they had really good coffee, which was also served in a beautiful glass which I remember seeing everywhere in Sweden.

You know when you thought you had tried everything from a brand which was suitable for your skin, but then you actually come across a life changing product? That happened to me in the past week. After working for Aesop for two years, I had suggested the Fabulous Face Oil to so so many people as I knew it was a brilliant product, except I had never tried it myself. I never thought it would do much for my skin, plus I was happy using another face oil from the brand. Turns out that my skin has changed a little in the past six months and I need to start using products which are more suited to dehydrated/combination skin. Now I can welcome Fabulous Face Oil into my routine with open arms. A face oil made for combination/congested skin which helps to detoxify, balance and hydrate the skin. Perfect for those who prefer a more matte finish as once it dries, it leaves behind a smooth matte finish to the skin. Something I have found and told people time and time again while working for the brand that it really helps with blemishes. My sister and friends have always mentioned that when they break out, they will use a little of this as it helps reduce any blemishes, calms the redness whilst moisturising any dry patches which may come part of the parcel. 

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Luce x