Life and Blogging

Sometimes I feel bad for not posting as much as I used to on this blog. I've went through phases of posting every day to every other day or just a few times a week. It's not that I have lost my love for blogging because I haven't, except it simply isn't the same for me any more. I don't have the amount of time as I used to, to post as often as I wish. When I do now, I don't go half arsed and will put time and effort into it. With a job change happening in the next week, my focus is going to be elsewhere and rather than spending my evenings blogging away, I'm out with my friends as I know it will be their last summer in the UK for two of my closest friends.

But for now, blogging and life comes hand in hand. My love for beauty will always be there, my make up collection simply reflects that, except I would much rather use this space to express all my interests. Whether that be travelling, food (especially breakfast food), highlights of London, my time back in the country or beauty still; I want to be able to show it all. Feeling held back from doing this is what can stop me from posting about exactly what I want, in case people are only here for beauty. I respect the people who can have a seamless change with their blog, it didn't come naturally for me and it's been something I have been working on for around six months now.

All in all, thank you for sticking by me and with this blog. I blog for you, for myself and to have a space online where I can share my favourite things. Lastly, I will apologise for this post as it didn't really have a point, except to say that life can get in the way of blogging but in the best possible way.

Luce x