Week In A Nutshell #6

Although this post is a lot more suited for a weekend day, here's a round-up of some of my favourite things from the past week. From a few things across the internet which have caught my eye and made me think to general life musings. 

Highlights from this past week
1 // I had a haircut and now it's the shortest it's ever been, I love it and hate it at the same time as I don't know how to style it yet.
2 // I booked some time off work for September and this week I can finally book my flights for a big trip away, I'm excited to share it all on here!
3 // I rekindled my love for Pho and am already craving noodle soup again sometime this week.
// I discovered a love for avocados but reading that there's a worldwide shortage of the. Why must this happen when I'm suddenly obsessed with them?
5 // I bought tickets to see Florence & The Machine with my sister on my birthday in September, a few days after I return from my holiday! I've been a huge fan of Florence for years now and haven't seen her live since around 2009.
// On the subject of music, I see Taylor Swift in two weeks time and I cannot control my excitement!!

I've been a fan of Will's channel for a while, his videos are always beautifully put together and are very thought provoking. This weekend he spoke about quality & quantity and how he has realised that quality is always the better way. But also whether or not the people who have been long-term subscribers/readers will always go back and watch new content if there is a break between each video. There is so much more content out there on the internet so you can always find something to your liking, but if someone is just bringing out content to publish something, is it always the best quality? Now there are people out there who daily vlog and create amazing videos on a daily basis (see Casey Neistat, Ben Brown and Louis Cole) and bloggers who post every day and every day their posts are amazing quality, but if the quality goes down then sometimes stepping back and thinking about what is best. This is something I can relate to so much, it's something I have battled with for a long time and will continue to do so. I used to post multiple times a week and not be happy with the content, now I may post once a week but am always very happy with the quality. There are always multiple reasons why I don't post as often, I don't have as much time as I used to as I would rather put my focus elsewhere in my work but also because I don't want to spend every weekend writing. I'm currently writing this post at just after midnight on a Sunday evening with a delayed hangover, but sometimes creativity comes at awkward times so I'll just go with the flow. But it comes back to the original question, would you prefer quality or quantity? 

If you haven't read Sophie's blog, Fashion Slave, then you're missing out. I checked her site for a weekly read (I prefer to binge read my favourite blogs) when I came across a post titled 'Taking The Pill for 7 Years Has Turned Me Into A Psychotic Bitch'. After reading through it and then after reading the comments, I came to realise that so many women out there feel exactly the same, including myself. I first went on the pill when I was 16 and I started to take Microgynon, which seems to be the most popular pill in the UK. I didn't really know much about the pill, except that my friends kept telling me that they put on weight when they first started to take it. That's all I expected, but that also usually happens when you're in a new relationship. The first few months were fine, the only thing I noticed was that my boobs suddenly grew loads and I wasn't going to complain about that. But after about six months, I realised that my moods could suddenly change in a matter of seconds. There was nothing else in my life to affect it, I was relatively happy with everything yet something as small as someone making a joke about me could send me into tears. I would go days being fine then one day I would be so upset and not want to leave my bed. I would be annoyed at everything and everyone for no reason, I would be depressed and terribly anxious at the same time. I didn't link of this to the pill until about a year and a half ago, years after being on the same pill. I became worse and worse at taking the pill, I would go days forgetting to take it and since I was no longer in a long-term relationship, I didn't see the point in taking it. I gave myself a break and within a month or so, my moods went back to normal. I was no longer a moody bitch who felt like they were going to cry at any point. After starting to see someone new, I went back on the pill and the moods started to happen all over again which just caused problems in the relationship because I felt like my former moody 17-year-old.
Earlier this year I went to a nurse about the pill, suggesting I try a different one to change it all but after explaining what happened when I was on it for a long period of time, she just suggested I stopped taking it. To give myself a break but more importantly, to give my body a break. I felt better without it in my life and I haven't went back since. This was the first time someone had suggested I stopped taking the pill, all other doctors had just gave me another contraception, even after I told them how low I was feeling and that it may be linked to the pill. The response I got to that? "Your moods are still changing all the time, here is another prescription", which is not what I needed to hear as I always continued with the pill. I have looked into non-hormonal contraception, such as the copper coil as I always feel a lot safer when I am on a contraception. But for now, I'm happy living a contraception free life if it means that I don't go through every mood possible in one day.

What has caught your eye this week on the internet? One highlight from the past week?

Luce x