Acai Bowl Recipe


I discovered acai bowls last summer and by discovered I mean, I stalked numerous people on Instagram to find out what these delicious look things are. If you know what a smoothie bowl is, then you'll know an acai bowl too. Acai berry is a berry which is found in Brazil and it's mostly popular as it's such a high anti-oxidant, which is always great for your diet, which equally makes it a known superfood. Acai is low in sugar, but super high in iron, vitamin A, calcium and fibre. All of this combined with the most delicious taste as it's a deep berry flavour with an after-taste of dark chocolate, who wouldn't want to eat this? 
As acai is only found in Central and South America, the berry has to be blended down to a pulp before it's frozen and flown over to different countries to be bought in a frozen 'smoothie' pack. This isn't the most common way to purchase it, however I get my acai frozen packs from Amacai in London who delivered it frozen to my door and I was so impressed with their service! You can also purchase it in a powder which is commonly found in Whole Foods/Planet Organic/Holland & Barrett etc. But let me show you my favourite acai bowl recipe -

Blend together...
2 x Frozen Bananas (use three bananas if using acai powder)
1 x Acai Frozen Pack
1 x Cup of Frozen Berries (I choose blueberries & raspberries)
1 tbsp of Hemp Protein Powder
1/2 cup of Water

Top with...
Granola of choice
Goji Berries
Cacao Nibs

I use a Nutribullet to blend it altogether which does an amazing job, the best blender I've used before, just make sure you put enough water in the container to get the contents moving. The protein powder is an extra for me as I've been adding that into my diet recently but can easily be removed. 

Luce x