Summer // Inspiration

Collage made by me // Images all found on Pinterest

Summer has arrived, officially, although in my mind it arrived around a month ago. My favourite season will always be the summer, I'm a whole lot happier when it's warm outside. The long light warm evenings, bright sunny mornings on the balcony, the ability to wear a whole lot less clothing, sandals, bare legs, sunkissed skin, freckles, blonder hair - all of these things are a few of my favourite things about the summer.

Along with summer, I'm all for a getaway holiday. Last year I went to Sicily for a week and travelled the island with new friends I met there and I've finally booked somewhere for this year. I have found myself longing to head somewhere far away and when I realised I could make this is a reality, I instantly booked flights to Bali. So at the beginning of September, I'm heading to Indonesia for two weeks before returning to London a few days before my 22nd birthday. I have been wanting to go to Bali for so long now, so many of my favourite bloggers have blogged about the island and it's intensified the need to go there. I am so excited to go there, I have around 10 weeks to find accommodation and figure out everything I want to do there. 

Before Bali, I'm very tempted to head to the South of France for a long weekend, even if it meant I flew there late Friday evening and returned on a Sunday night. I've only ever been to Paris in France but a beach somewhere in France is calling my name.

Where are you heading this summer?

Luce x