My Relationship With Make-Up

My relationship with make-up - I am a self-obsessed make-up lover, except I don't wear much make-up. I never have worn a lot of make-up from a young age and I never went through that phase of caking it all on, I've always just adapted the theme of little amounts of make-up look better. I've been lucky enough where I never needed to cover up a lot on my skin, that being said, it doesn't mean that you do need to cover it up. But growing up, a lot of people at school applied a whole load of foundation and concealer and I simply wore a little powder on a daily basis. I only just started to use concealer in the past year, it was never part of my routine. But I love make-up so much.

I love that make-up can give someone confidence, like it does with myself too. I love that it can both change someone's face and also accentuate their natural features. I love the never ending options with it, whether it's all the different colours but also ways you can apply the products. The fact I don't wear much make-up doesn't take away from the fact that I think all those things. 

After maybe a year of blogging, when people started to post about the '5 Product Face', I started to wear more make-up than usual. Why? I thought I was doing it all wrong because on a daily basis, five products was all I would wear, so I should wear more make-up. A month down the line, I stopped because I'm simply lazy but it's also just not me. My make-up routine all depends on my situation, so now on a weekly basis I wear barely any make-up, if anything on some days. Often more than not, when I take a little more time on my eye make-up, by the end of it, I hate it because it doesn't look like me. I felt like this when I was younger when I would wear more to go out on the evening or just out with friends. I feel the most comfortable in the simplest looks. What makes me sad is that I can count on one hand the amount of beauty bloggers (of which I read) who openly speak about this, if they were to feel the same way. I don't see myself as a beauty blogger, but the love for it all is still there. 

What I'm trying to say is that, it's okay not to wear make-up some days or only a little on most days. It's all about what you feel the most comfortable in.

Luce x