Sunday Musings III

I escaped to the country this week for a long weekend with my family for my mum's birthday on Wednesday. I worked from home for the last few days of the week before having my sister join us on Friday evening for the weekend. A long afternoon walk happened every afternoon during the week, as well as a trip to the river on Friday so the dogs could have a little swim.

Alongside a trip home, I had a box of fresh delivered to my parents house to give them a taste of London and what we're lucky enough to have on our doorstep. It was with a recently relaunched company, Think Press and let's just say, so far I have been so impressed. Pink Roots was possibly the best juice I've ever drank and it tasted so fresh, fresh to the point you could taste that the beetroot had just been dug up (did that make sense...). But more on that later this week!

A few things to keep your Sunday interesting - 

:: Filler Podcast - If you haven't listened to any of the Filler podcasts, you're missing out. A podcast for the creative industries, it's hosted by Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore, who sit down with some of the biggest and best people in the industry. I listened to their latest podcast with Rosa Park, the editor of Cereal Magazine which was incredibly insightful. 
:: Raw Chocolate Mousse - For all those with a sweet tooth *raises both hands*, this one is for you. Pauline from Living The Healthy Choice shares this recipe for a raw chocolate mousse, topped with fresh berries which tastes just as delicious as it sounds.
:: The Outcast - You may have missed it but The Outcast, a two part series, premiered last Sunday evening. Based on the novel by Sadie Jones, it's a coming-of-age drama which is rather intense at times but immensely gripping. There's time to watch the first part before watching the second part this evening!
:: Shop on Bonjour Luce - I added a shop page to my blog this week. I always click on these pages when on various blogs just to see what they are currently lusting after or what is next on their shopping list. Mine will mostly consist of all of Ace & Jig's shop along with a whole load of homeware.