Sicily, Italy // Photo Diary


The other night I was having a browse through some old photos on my iPhone when I realised I had never shared any pictures from Sicily. I travelled to Sicily last summer, it will be a year ago next week I believe, for a long week to take some time out and soak up the sunshine. So a year late, but here are some pictures I had taken on my iPhone throughout the week. 

I absolutely loved Sicily, I would recommend it to so many people. It's a rather small island, I was able to travel to all major towns in 10 days and to get to the other side of the island only took an hours drive. I flew in and out of Palermo, which is known to be the main city, yet still fairly small. It's mainly popular as it's a port town and many cruises come in and out of there, which also meant that there was no beach but a local beach was only 10 mins on the bus. Sicily is very similar to southern Italy, still very old fashioned and a little behind on the times. 

I wrote about travelling alone here last summer, but it didn't stop me going out and about seeing places. I became good friends with a girl I met in a hostel, who you can see in one of the photos and we ended up spending the week together which was super nice.

Italy is a country which holds so many happy memories for me, it's one of my happy places and a country I would happily escape to on a regular basis. I'm itching to head to Florence again and also Tuscany as I haven't been there yet. Whenever I suggest Italy as a trip to two of my close friends they always complain as they have never had the best experiences there, so I'm determined to show them why I love the country so much.

Have you visited Italy before? If so, which city is your favourite?

Luce x