Dinner at The Trading House

If you know me, you will know that I'm a huge foodie and that visiting new restaurants is one of my favourite hobbies, particularly with my sister. Living in London has made me love eating out, as much as it's made me love cooking at home. So when an email arrived in my inbox inviting me to try out a new restaurant, I grabbed my food-partner-in-crime and went along the following evening. So we headed to The Trading House in the City, a little off the beaten track but worth heading there. The Trading House offers an extensive selection of cocktails, a customisable G&T list, deli rotisserie inspired food and live music every evening. 

First thing's first, the cocktails needed to be ordered. If I ever have to choose between wine or a cocktail, I will always choose the fruitiest cocktail on the menu. I went straight for the Blueberry Gin Crush, which was a little on the strong side, but I would have happily sipped that all night long. Containing creme de peche, Brockmans gin, lemon juice, sugar, clove syrup and lemonade, it was delicious and garnished with a lemon wedge and a few blueberries. My sister went for a G&T with the Hendrick's gin and a Fentiman's tonic with a garnish of cucumber. After a small sip, it was decided that I'm definitely not a fan of gin & tonics, as much as I try to enjoy them.

After a round of cocktails, starters arrived and we were reading to dig in. We ordered the Baked Camembert with Fruit and Flatbread and a Chicken Liver and Rum pate with Plum and Apple Chutney. The Camembert was delicious, small enough where we didn't feel full afterwards, but the garlic and rosemary added the taste which I could have eaten a whole lot more of. The Chicken Liver and Rum Pate, which unfortunately was not the most photographic food, was very rich. With a great depth to it due to the rum, I found that it was a little overwhelming and not something I coud have ate all by myself. 

Coming from a family where every meal out is spent sharing each other's food, it was natural that my sister and I were going to order together and then swap halfway through. The 9oz Ribeye Steak with garlic butter and fries, Rotisserie Half Chicken with a salad and a side of corn and peppercorn sauce were all ordered so we could have a try of everything. The steak, oh my, it was absolutely perfectly cooked and delicious. We asked for it to be medium-rare and it was pink enough without it being too chewy. The chicken was succulent and juicy, a perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken. 

We finished with dessert and two more cocktails. As for the desserts, we ordered a Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake and Sticky Toffee Pudding, however, the desserts aren't anything to go shouting about. I mean, they ok but compared to the rest of the food, they were mediocre and I would suggest that they start to offer homemade desserts to match the menu. 
For the final two cocktails, Kayleigh went for a Cinnamon & Ginger Martini which was a little spicy, very strong but delicious. Definitely not a Tuesday night cocktail! I went for a Raspberry Amaretto Sour, which is my all time favourite cocktail and this did not disappoint.

Would I return here? For the steak alone, hell yes! The cocktail and drinks list is extensive and it's obvious that there has been a lot of thought put into the bar. When talking to the manager, he mentioned that the group which opened the restaurant also owns The Botanist in Newcastle, which is well known for their cocktails. Being northerners ourselves, we picked up on his northern accent so of course asked about other places which the group owns. 

Location wise, it's situated a short walk from many tube stations including Bank, St Pauls, Moorgate and Liverpool St Station as it's in the middle of them all. So if you work in the City, or are meeting around that area for after work drinks, it's open Monday-Saturday. Plus on a Thursday, it's open till 1am and on a Friday, open till 2am. So it's even more perfect for those extended after work drinks and nibbles.

On top of the fact that if you sign up for their newsletter when paying for the bill, they will give you a free bottle of wine on your next visit and a bottle of bubbles on your birthday! But also, if you decide to head there and book online, follow this link and it will apply 20% off your orders!

Luce x